Bookmaker New88 Trial Bonus, Participation Conditions

The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money  is a special program for all members of the entertainment channel, this is both a gift of gratitude and a way to attract many bettors. To better understand this event, terms and conditions of participation, and how to receive incentives, readers should not miss the following information from New88.

Information about the house’s trial bonus event

Similar to many other special promotions, NEW88’s application of the program  The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money is one of the attractive offers for new members. In fact, in a competitive betting environment, creating special programs is an indispensable factor to attract customers and affirm its leading position.

However, not all betting sites are generous to apply this extremely attractive promotion program. Only a few reputable playgrounds like NEW88 are reliable addresses in the betting market that are offering this offer.

Programme The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money  58k free is a special bonus reserved for new players when they open an account. In some cases, entertainment channels may not require players to deposit money to receive incentives, but upon activating the account, the bonus will be applied immediately.

Instructions on how to receive house offers and bonuses for demo play

To receive a trial bonus offer from the betting site, players can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the game’s website using the official link or you can open the application if you have downloaded it to your device.
  • Step 2: At the home page of the playground, select “Promotions” and go to the “Register an account to receive 58k for free” section. This is a promotional program The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money for all customers who successfully create an account at NEW88 game site.
  • Step 3: Fill in personal account registration information. After completing the registration process, players will receive 58k completely free experience from the entertainment channel.

Conditions for receiving incentives

This program is exclusively for new members joining the game site, giving them a certain amount of experience capital, below are the basic conditions:

  • Subject: Incentives The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money 58k bonus only applies to new members of the betting site.
  • Conditions: Bettors need to have a registered account and link with a bank to be able to participate in the event program as well as draw prizes.
  • Bonus points: After completing the registration and bank linking process, players will receive 58 bonus points, corresponding to an amount of 58k.
  • Betting round: To be able to withdraw the bonus, new members need to reach the betting round level of 5 times and the minimum withdrawal amount per time is 50k.

Some notes about the house’s trial bonus event

Below are some important notes when participating in incentive programs to avoid mistakes for newbies:

  • To enjoy the 58k discount, members need to ensure that the information has been provided completely and accurately before registering, including full name, phone number, bank, verification code…
  • After successfully redeeming the first reward, the bookie’s system will deduct the member’s remaining profit, ensuring fairness and preventing abuse of incentives.
  • Note that the offer The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money Does not apply to lottery products, so members need to carefully read the terms and conditions to avoid errors.
  • Any personal information related to the account is not allowed to be changed after the first withdrawal has been made.
  • If there is a need to change the information, the player needs to complete this process before making a transaction, future modification of the information will result in the withdrawal of the promotion.

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Frequently asked questions about demo bonus events

Below is a summary of questions and answers surrounding NEW88’s 58k trial bonus promotion program.

Can I withdraw money from house promotions and demo bonuses?

Players can withdraw money from the offer to their personal account, but you need to meet the required number of betting rounds and turnover.

How many trial gift codes does each player receive?

Each member is only allowed to receive a maximum of 1 trial gift code. If fraud is detected in creating multiple accounts, the playground will revoke and lock the account.

The above article is information about the promotion program The bookmaker rewards you with trial play money  NEW88, it can be seen that this is an attractive event that brings experience capital to members. Players can take advantage to experience the super products they want. Also, don’t forget to clearly understand the terms and conditions so that there are no errors in receiving the promotion.

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