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Expanding the Smart Home Ecosystem with akubela HyPanel Pro Touchscreen

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the concept of a smart home has become increasingly popular. Homeowners are no longer limited to controlling their smart devices; they now seek to integrate their legacy appliances into the smart home ecosystem. This is where akubela HyPanel Pro, a cutting-edge home automation touch screen, comes into play. With its advanced features and built-in infrared control, akubela HyPanel Pro expands the realm of home automation beyond smart devices, making legacy devices smart and intelligent.

Making Legacy Devices Smart

akubela HyPanel Pro is a revolutionary device that introduces an array of capabilities to traditional home appliances. By seamlessly integrating these appliances into the smart home ecosystem, akubela HyPanel Pro transforms them into automated devices. No longer constrained by manual control, homeowners can now enjoy the convenience of managing their legacy devices through the intuitive touchscreen interface.

Seamless Control with Built-in Infrared Control

akubela HyPanel Pro utilizes state-of-the-art infrared technology to enable seamless control over legacy devices. The built-in infrared control feature allows homeowners to effortlessly operate their appliances directly from the touchscreen interface. Whether it’s adjusting the temperature on the air conditioner, controlling the TV volume, or even managing the lighting system, akubela HyPanel Pro provides a single control panel for all these tasks.

Creating an Intelligent and Connected Home

Integrating legacy devices into smart home automation brings a new level of intelligence and connectivity. By combining the power of akubela HyPanel Pro with legacy device automation, homeowners can enhance convenience and efficiency throughout their daily routines. For instance, imagine waking up to a fully automated morning routine where the coffee machine starts brewing, the blinds open, and the thermostat adjusts to the ideal temperature—all activated by a single command from the akubela HyPanel Pro.


In short, akubela HyPanel Pro changes home automation by expanding the smart home ecosystem to include legacy devices. With its infrared control capabilities and seamless touchscreen interface, akubela HyPanel Pro transforms traditional appliances into smart, automated devices. By integrating legacy devices into the smart home ecosystem, homeowners can enjoy centralized control, enhanced convenience, and personalized automation scenarios. Embrace the future of home automation with akubela HyPanel Pro and unlock the full potential of your smart home.

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