Experience in Betting on Over/Under 3.25 Goals at New88 Extremely Standard

Over/under bet 3.25 goals What will be the winning odds for each bet? Which betting experiences bring the biggest wins? These are issues that receive many questions from newbies participating in betting at New888 fabricate. So in the content of this article, please follow us to find the answer right away!

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This type of bet is also known as 3 1/4 bet or 3/3.5 over/under bet or 3 and a half bets. This is one of the most popular soccer odds in Vietnam New88 Bets with an extremely large number of participants. Players now make predictions about the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match with the following bets:

  • Tai door inside Over/under bet 3.25 goals: Will be the bet of choice when the player predicts that the number of goals in the match will be greater than 4 goals.
  • Under: If you notice that during the official match, the number of goals scored by both teams is less than 3, then choose the under.
  • In case the number of goals is equal to 3, on the under side you will win half of the initial bet, and on the over side you will lose half of the bet amount.

Determine the odds of winning when participating in an over/under bet of 3.25 goals

Many rookie bettors still do not understand how to determine the odds of winning or losing when participating in this over/under bet. Currently, at the brand New88 You determine based on the bet with the following method:

Odds when choosing Over are 3.25 goals

If you bet on Over in bet 3.25, the following 3 cases will often appear:

  • The player will win the entire bet if the total goals scored in the match is equal to or greater than 4, regardless of which side scores. For example, when the match ends with a score of 4 – 0, 4-1, 2-2,…
  • Bettors lose the entire bet amount if the final score of the match is less than 2 goals. For example, possible results such as: 1-0, 2-0, 0-0 or 1-1…
  • In case the total number of goals is equal to 3, if you choose Over, you will lose half of the bet amount previously placed. Note when choosing your account Over/under bet 3.25 goals There will be no case of winning half the money.

In the case of choosing the under 3.25 table

In case you choose the under in this soccer bet, there will also be 3 cases as follows:

  • You choose the under bet to win the full amount when the number of goals scored by both teams is equal to or less than 2 goals.
  • The player loses all bets when the match has a total of 4 goals or more.
  • In case the match has exactly 3 goals, you choose Over and you will win half the money.

Experience in betting on over/under 3.25 goals for sure win

When betting on over/under football, you cannot just rely on emotions and luck to choose randomly. Everything needs to have an implementation process with effective betting experiences from experienced bettors such as:

Carefully research and analyze the parameters of the two teams

This is one of the top experiences when participating Over/under bet 3.25 goals. You always need to grasp the information of the two teams so you can analyze and research to predict the number of goals that can be scored. Among them, we need to pay attention to some cases such as:

  • Choose Over for matches where both teams favor attacking play.
  • On the contrary, choose the under when 2 teams participate in the match with a counter-attacking defensive style of play.
  • Choose over for matches where there is a point to win to maintain the championship or a chance to continue in tournaments.
  • In super classic matches, you should usually choose the under
  • Prioritize over/under when betting on over/under for Derby matches.

Research the odds offered by the bookmaker

When caught Over/under bet 3.25 goals Or any other type of sports bet, you always need to monitor the odds given by the bookmaker. From the odds table, players can grasp the amount of winning and losing bets in each match. Aim to give yourself the most specific betting plan so you don’t lose too much.

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Refer to prediction articles from reputable addresses

A method also used by many bettors when placing bets Over/under bet 3.25 goals is to follow the predictions before the match. Reputable sports betting providers will have a team of experts who analyze and accurately evaluate each match. Therefore, you can refer to it to be able to make the correct choice to bet.


The answer revolves around questions about the over/under bet of 3.25 goals New88 sent to players in the above content. Hopefully with this sharing you can win many attractive prizes.

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