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Sic Bo is one of the most played live table games at me88 online casino Malaysia. It is a game that can be played with other players as well as a live dealer on mobile or on PC. Numerous respectable providers offer Sic Bo on the me88 online casino platform, including Spadegaming and Evolution Gaming. An me88 online casino account is required to play Sic Bo and other live dealer games offered on their platform.

A casual strategy to winning more money at me88 Sic Bo

Some players will say that winning money at me88 live casino Sic bo games is hard, we are here to say otherwise. With a sound strategy, it is possible to win tons of money while playing Sic Bo, it can be, in fact, more profitable than playing Poker games at me88 online casino Malaysia. The strategy that we will offer in this article will be the safest bet you can make if you want to save your money for as long as possible. You shouldn’t expect to win a lot, but you shouldn’t lose much, either.

Bankroll management while playing Sic Bo

Bankroll management is one of those online casino gaming tips that apply to every game. It does not matter if you go to me88 online casino Malaysia to play Poker, Baccarat, slot games or fishing games, bankroll management should come first and foremost. Bankroll management is another roll for budgeting, as a sensible online casino player you should plan out your budget, how much you are willing to lose and win until you stop, before you play any online casino game at me88. As a summary: you should base your wager size on your bankroll. Ten percent is a good ballpark figure for a new player at me88 online casino Malaysia.

Choose the large or small bet option at Sic Bo

By doing what the heading suggests you have a one-in-two chance of success. The payout for this is 1 to 1. The multipliers do not apply to this kind of stake. As a Sic Bo player at me88 online casino Malaysia, you are taking a greater risk by placing wagers in more cells of the betting grid. But the benefits are greater if you take a chance. The positions with payoff odds higher than even money are targeted by this tactic. You may use Multipliers on them as well. This is a method that is enjoyed by many veteran Sic Bo players at me88 online casino Malaysia. To reduce the risk of a larger wager. It’s possible for one wager to fail while another one succeeds. Naturally, losing both bets would quickly deplete your bankroll, thus a little higher bankroll or lower beginning wagers is required for this strategy.

Reserve a tiny sum for triple wagers

Triple bets are wagers on three dice showing the same numbers in a game of Sic Bo, the payout for this is huge, but naturally, the odds of it ever occurring in your Sic Bo session at me88 online casino Malaysia is also equally small. Our advice to you as a new Sic Bo player at me88 online casino Malaysia is to reserve a tiny sum of money to put on triple bets while playing Sic Bo, we would say 10 MYR is a reasonable amount, as the odds are 30:1, and this will yield the player 300 MYR for when a triple does occur in your game.

Other wagering options in Sic Bo

While placing bets on Big or small will yield a small reward, two die combination bets will pay higher. The odds for two die combination bets is 5 to 1, while, as mentioned before, triple die combinations pay 30 to 1. me88 online casino Malaysia players are also allowed to bet on a separate number that isn’t included in the combo. It is known as a single bet and it pays even money — (that is 1 to 1). At me88 online casino Malaysia, a double in Sic Bo pays two to one while a triple pays three to one. You can try to take a shot at the high-paying Payout wagers, such as Any Triple and Named Triple as well. But Consider also placing a few wagers at odds of roughly 6:1 on the Total. By diversifying your bets like this, you will not only net more money each session, but also have more fun while playing the game.

Where to play Sic Bo?

me88 online casino Malaysia has made it such that Sic Bo as well as other live casino Malaysia games can be played on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Super Sic Bo, Lightning Dice and Sic Bo Deluxe are all available to be played once you have signed up at me88 online casino Malaysia. Though it is best to play Sic Bo on PC, me88 online casino Malaysia also allows players to play Sic Bo as well as other online casino games on their phones though the me88 mobile casino app.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you can choose between two different playing interfaces. The full-screen mode, as the name implies, displays the entire image in a single window. The live stream is displayed in a smaller window in the lower resolution version, freeing up more bandwidth for the betting grid and player controls. That way, you may play the game without worrying about the connection speed. Feel free to visit to know more about – 7m


The more you play Sic Bo at me88 online casino Malaysia, the more you will get addicted to it. It is simply the most interesting game available at the site at the moment.  With the exception of one betting position, the payouts are often higher than other online casinos in Malaysia. We recommend checking out Evolution Gaming’s Sic Bo game at me88 online casino Malaysia for the highest payout. me88 Sic Bo games is a great introduction to the world of dice games, and if you use our betting recommendations listed in this article, you should have a great time.

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