How to play card game – Hoi An cultural beauty that cannot be missed

How to play Bai Choi attracts the attention of many tourists because the experience of enjoying Bai Choi in Hoi An is extremely new and attractive. If the North has Quan Ho folk songs, the South has Don Ca Tai Tu, then the Central region has Bai Choi music. Visiting the old town and listening to the melodies of Bai Choi will certainly leave visitors with unforgettable memories. Together Jun88 Learn how to play Hoi An card game through the following article.

General information about how to play Hoi An card game

How to play Hoi An card game?

Bai Choi can be simply understood as a card game that takes place on huts. In the ancient town of Hoi An, Bai Choi is held in a spacious open area located along the romantic Hoai River. Previously, Bai Choi was only held on holidays, early spring offerings or during major festivals, but now, it has become a regular activity that takes place every night in Hoi An ancient town to serve tourists. guest.

Simple instructions on how to play Hoi An card game

Bai Choi is a folk game that clearly reflects the life and preservation of cultural identity of the people of the Central region. With being recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Bai Choi becomes even more special and precious.

What is the person who chants Hoi An cards called?

In playing Bai Choi, the people standing on the stage singing choi are Mr. Hieu and Ms. Hieu. Players need to pay attention to the commands of these two people, because they will shout out songs about the cards.

Who can play card game in Hoi An ancient town?

People who play card games in Hoi An are foreign tourists, Vietnamese tourists or local people. For foreign visitors, there will be a team of interpreters to explain the content, meaning and gameplay.

How to play Hoi An card game?

To participate in the hut card game, people will need to prepare a special space to set up a hut. Usually, players will build a hut in the middle, also known as the female hut, and around it there will be 10 small huts. Each hut will have its own name such as Anh Hieu, Ms. Hieu, or other names depending on the player’s preference.

How to play Hoi An card game is simple and attractive

In the hut card game, players will sit on huts and wait for their turn to participate in the game. Meanwhile, the homeowner will stand in the main hut and be the one running the game. In Hoi An ancient town, due to limited space, we can only build about 4-5 huts to play card games. However, in some other localities in the Central region, people can build more huts to create a more spacious and comfortable space for the game.

In addition, players can also bring chairs or mats to sit comfortably during the card game. This also makes the game more comfortable and pleasant, especially when playing on hot or rainy days.

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How are the rules of playing card game regulated?

Starting the card game game is the bustling drum sound of Mr. Hieu, Ms. Hieu will call out to open the stalls to attract everyone’s attention. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Hieu and Ms. Hieu will introduce the names of the cards. The player will choose 3 different cards and hold them in hand.

Next, Mr. Hieu and Ms. Hieu will go to the hut, shake the card tube and pull out each card. They will chant a song about the name of each card and the player will have to tap on the gong 3 times or shout “here”. Each time, the player will be awarded a pennant.

The game will continue until any hut receives 3 buntings. The player will shout loudly and knock a long time. At that time, the rolling drum and the tom drum in the hut will be played loudly to signal a winner. The winner will receive a Hoi An lantern.

What is the deck of cards for playing Choi?

The deck of cards used to play Choi is considered an upgraded version of the Tam Cuc deck. The deck of playing cards includes 33 cards with cards such as the most venomous, the poor second, the pumpkin, the willow leaves… These cards are drawn on paper and then glued onto bamboo cards. Each bamboo card includes 3 different cards.

The hut card deck is considered a variation of the Tam Cuc card game

The deck of playing cards includes 3 stacks of books, pho ten, pho van, each deck has 10 cards and 3 odd cards including black nine card, black ong rham, black purple stem. The cards are designed quite large so players can easily recognize the pattern and name of each card.

What do the lyrics in playing Hoi An card game mean?

The hut song is a picture of the soul, expressing the thoughts and aesthetics of the Central people over many generations. The folk songs and proverbs in Bai Choi are not merely entertaining but also educational, encouraging respect for morality and ethics, and are passed down from generation to generation of the Vietnamese people.

In addition, Bai Choi folk songs also play an important role in preserving and developing traditional cultural beauty, preventing it from being lost in the modern era. Besides, Bai Choi lyrics also have a modern meaning when they become a tool to convey the State’s guidelines and policies to the people, contributing to making society more progressive and perfect.


Above is the basic way to play Hoi An card game Jun88 want to send to readers. If you are interested in playing card game, try participating today to feel the unique culture of the people here

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