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Improving Power Generation: EvoTec Power’s High-Performance Alternator Series

EvoTec Power introduces its groundbreaking three-phase synchronous high performance alternator series, redefining standards in the industry. Leveraging advanced German generator technology and extensive R&D experience, EvoTec Power unveils a range of high-efficiency, high-output alternators with unmatched performance.

Key Specifications

Engineered with precision and adherence to international standards, EvoTec Power’s TH series high-voltage alternators adhere to IEC 60034-1, VDE 05030, GB 755, GB/T 15548, and other industry benchmarks. Featuring a maximum voltage capacity of 13,800V and an impressive power output of 4,125kVA, the TH series excels in 11KV generator assemblies, meeting the highest industry standards for performance and reliability.

Key Features

EvoTec Power’s TH series high performance alternator boasts a host of cutting-edge features that distinguish them in the market. These alternators inherit the legacy of German engineering excellence, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability. With a focus on efficiency, EvoTec Power’s alternators are designed to minimize energy wastage and operational costs, making them ideal for various applications. Moreover, EvoTec Power takes pride in the independent intellectual property rights of its alternators, showcasing a commitment to innovation and advancement. Manufactured under stringent quality control measures, these alternators undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, reliability, and longevity. Versatile and adaptable, EvoTec Power’s alternators cater to the diverse needs of different industries, offering unmatched performance and productivity.


EvoTec Power’s TH series high-performance alternators represent a leap forward in power generation technology. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and reliability, these alternators are poised to exceed expectations and address the evolving demands of the market. Experience the power of EvoTec Power’s high-performance alternator series and elevate operations to new heights of performance and productivity.

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