Instructions on How to Play Basic Blackjack From A – Z

Playing blackjack is one of the prize-winning card games that can not only be played at the casino but can also be played online. So how to play blackjack how? Are the game rules simple or not? Let’s find out more details with New88 in the article shared below.

Learn about playing blackjack

Before learning about how to play blackjack, let’s review the rules of blackjack:

  • Need a deck of cards with 52 cards
  • A minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players are required
  • Initially, each person will be dealt 2 cards. Next, you will decide to draw more until the final total score is close to or equal to 21 and does not exceed.
  • The table owner will act as a dealer. The player will act as the dealer and place bets first. If you win, you will receive an amount equal to the amount you bet previously. If they lose, they will only lose the amount they bet
  • The house needs to have an amount greater than or equal to the amount the house has bet to ensure the payout to the player.

The role of each blackjack card

The specific role of each blackjack card is as follows:

  • Cards with values ​​from 2 – 10 will have points corresponding to that number. For example, if you pick a 3-of-a-kind card, your score will now be 3
  • Cards from J, Q, K are all counted at a common score of 10 points
  • Card A (Ace): Can be counted as 10 or 11 depending on each table
  • Poker: 2 Ace cards or more
  • Blackjack: includes 1 card A and 1 additional card from 10, J, Q, K

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Terminology in blackjack

When learning how to play blackjack, you will certainly encounter technical terms. Therefore, if you know it well, it looks much more professional. Specifically:

  • Stop: Do not withdraw additional leaves
  • Withdraw: Draw 1 more card
  • Double: Bet with double the amount and draw 1 more card
  • Cup: If the first two cards are the same, you can split them into two separate hands and each side’s bet will be calculated as the original amount. The dealer will then deal 1 more card to each hand and finally play as usual
  • Insurance: At this time, the dealer has an Ace card, then the player can choose insurance (optional).

Basic way to play blackjack

Next is the basic way to play blackjack for beginners that everyone should refer to:

At this time, each table will have one person act as dealer and deal 52 cards to the remaining players, leaving 2 cards for themselves.

After that, players will be allowed to draw 3 more cards, meaning each player will have a maximum of 5 cards per game. The goal of this card drawing is for the total number of cards the player holds to be as close to 21 or equal to 21 as possible. When no one can beat your score and you own less than or equal to 21 points, you will have a chance to win.

Scoring phase of 2 cards:

During this period, if you own these 2 cards, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Poker: When 2 cards are Aces
  • Blackjack: When 1 card is an Ace and 1 card is a 10, J, Q or K

At this time, your chances of winning will be much higher.

Stage of drawing more cards

  • Step 1: Each person will be dealt 2 cards by the dealer
  • Step 2: Each person will check the cards, calculate the score and decide whether to draw more or not
  • Step 3: When you don’t withdraw anymore, it will be the dealer’s turn. The dealer has the right to allow any number of cards and continue drawing cards.

Note that when counting 2 cards, the player has the right to draw more or stop. If the score is in the safe zone from 16 – 21, you should stop

  • Nong: The card has a total score of less than 16
  • Sufficient: The cards have a total score ranging from 16 – 21
  • Over: The card has a total score greater than 21. And there is no right to continue drawing

Hits: You will bet from the dealer’s right and counterclockwise. Each person will be able to draw cards until they want to stop. If a player has more than 16 points, he should check the cards. After comparing the cards, if the dealer has more points than the player, they will win the bet. If you lose, your family will eat. In case the total points are equal, it is considered a tie.

Notes on how to play blackjack

When playing blackjack, you will encounter the following situations that need to be noted:

  • The dealer and player both have a total score exceeding 21 or the same score will be considered a tie
  • The dealer and the dealer both have a poker hand, so the winner will be the dealer
  • If the dealer and dealer both have blackjack, the winner is still the dealer
  • If your family has blackjack, if the dealer has blackjack, your family will win. And vice versa
  • If the dealer and player both have the same five cards, the one with the higher total card score will win

The article is all related information how to play blackjack. Hopefully, the above sharing from bookmaker NEW88 will help you understand better and win more when participating in this betting game.

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