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Latex Foley Catheter: A Reliable Solution for Medical Procedures

Wellead Medical is a renowned provider of high-quality medical products, including the Latex Foley Catheter. Designed to meet the demands of medical professionals, this catheter offers exceptional features and reliability. With its latex construction and silicone coating, the Latex Foley Catheter from Wellead Medical ensures optimal performance and patient comfort.

Latex Construction for Superior Performance

The Latex Foley Catheter by Wellead Medical is made of durable and flexible latex material. This construction provides excellent tensile strength, allowing for easy insertion and minimizing patient discomfort. The latex composition also ensures the catheter’s ability to maintain its shape during use, reducing the risk of kinking or blockage.

Silicone Coating for Enhanced Comfort

To enhance patient comfort, the Wellead Medical Latex Foley Catheter features a smooth silicone coating. This coating reduces friction during insertion and removal, minimizing irritation and potential trauma to the urethra. The silicone coating also helps prevent encrustation and the formation of biofilms, contributing to the catheter’s overall effectiveness and longevity.

Convenient Size Identification and Sterilization

The Latex Foley Catheter is designed with color coding to facilitate easy size identification. This feature simplifies the selection process for medical professionals, ensuring accurate catheter sizing for each patient’s unique needs. Additionally, the catheter is sterilized using ethylene oxide (EO), a highly effective method that guarantees aseptic conditions and eliminates the risk of infection.


Wellead Medical’s Latex Foley Catheter is a reliable and user-friendly solution for medical procedures. Its latex construction, silicone coating, and color coding for size identification make it a preferred choice among healthcare professionals. With stringent sterilization methods and a single-use design, this catheter ensures patient safety and contributes to overall positive clinical outcomes. Choose the Wellead Medical Latex Foley Catheter for superior performance, comfort, and peace of mind in medical settings.

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