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Although rugby is not a popular sport in Vietnam, rugby betting is a form of betting. Sports betting participated by many players. Football betting offers attractive odds, simple game rules and huge cash prizes. Find out how to get involved in soccer betting Hi88 through the article below.

Introduction to the sport of rugby

Rugby is known as the sport sport popular and popular in America and Europe, it ranks on par with basketball and above football. This is a team sport and rugby is developed in many forms, including college rugby, high school rugby and professional rugby.

Basically, these forms are the same, with only a few minor differences in the rules of the game. The number of members in a rugby team can be up to 30 – 40 people and is divided into three small rows, including:

  • Attack row.
  • Mixed goods are also known as special goods.

Rugby betting – all information about rugby betting

As its name suggests, rugby betting is a form of betting related to this sport. Starting in the US and Canada, rugby betting has gradually become popular and appeared in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Currently, rugby betting is one of the forms of betting favored by bookmakers and chosen by a large number of players. Coming to betting on this sport, players will have the most relaxing moments of entertainment, exciting and thrilling matches and extremely “huge” bonus value.

Some rules in rugby sports betting

  • All bets will be canceled when the field changes.
  • Except in exceptional circumstances, rugby league bets (English and rugby union) will take the final result after 80 minutes as the final result.
  • The final time of the match will include overtime to compensate for injured players and substitution time.
  • The final result will be taken as the final result in live betting matches.
  • For matches that are interrupted midway, suspended or postponed without official notice of resumption time, all situations that occur are considered invalid.
  • The bookmaker decides that all bets on canceled matches are final and do not refer to any official matches or other relevant organizations.
  • For international table tennis matches, when the competition location changes (still within the same country), all bets are still considered valid.
  • For bets placed on the first half, the results will be calculated after the end of the first half.
  • For 2nd half bets, the results will be calculated after the end of the 2nd half, including overtime and extra time.
  • If the match is interrupted at the first half, all bets on the first half will be void.
  • If the match occurs during the second half, extra time, or overtime, all bets on the second half will be canceled, but bets on the first half will still be considered valid.

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Some types of bets in rugby

Rugby betting is a betting game with many types of bets, including some popular bets such as:

Ball handicap

A form in which the home team will accept the away team at a certain rate. This type of bet has a very simple way to play, we just need to predict the outcome of the match. If you are correct, you win and receive a reward of real money, and if you guess incorrectly, you will lose money to the house.

Over/under odds

When it comes to Over/Under, most players will understand this way of playing. Similar to football, rugby betting based on over/under odds is predicting whether the match result of two teams will be over or under. The dealer will give a specific number, the player’s job is to predict whether the match result is smaller or larger than this number. This is considered the simplest way to play with a very high winning rate, this game is often chosen by new players.

Money line bet

This type of bet is where players bet on the winning team by simply clicking on the team that you believe will bring victory and entering the bet amount. The amount of bet will depend on your financial ability and your confidence in the betting team. If you believe that the team you choose can bring victory, you can place a strong bet, the higher the bet amount. brings great prizes.

Odd even odds

This way of playing depends on whether the final score of the two teams is even or odd. The player who correctly guesses the final even score will win. With this way of playing, players can flexibly choose to bet on the whole match or bet on one round.

Bet on the team to win the championship

As the name of this bet suggests, players only need to predict which team will win more points and win.

Tell you some easy-to-win rugby betting tips

Betting is a game with a high element of chance, however you can rely on some tips and your own experience to make the right decisions. People participating in sports betting in general and rugby betting in particular need to note the following:

Need to be sure about betting odds and betting form

To participate in a game, especially games involving real money, you need to be sure of all information when participating in that game. Specifically, you need to learn about the rules of rugby, forms of betting, and rules when placing rugby bets. Absolutely do not get carried away by the crowd effect and make a decision to bet when you are not sure.

Learn clearly about the information, playing style and competition history of the teams

Understanding the information, gameplay and results of the team in recent matches will be a solid basis for you to make the right judgments and betting decisions.

Participate in rugby betting with Hi88.co

The reputation of the house is one of the factors that players should give top priority in choosing professional bookmaker to participate in betting. Current reality shows that in the betting market there are many bookmakers that lack credibility and scam players.

Hi88.co is a reputable bookmaker. Although it has only appeared in the Vietnamese market for a short time, it has created a big reputation in the field of online betting games. Coming to Hi88.co, you can experience a variety of the most attractive games, attractive interface, user optimization, and quick and safe deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Football betting It can be said to be an attractive sports betting game that attracts a large number of players. With quite complicated rules but extremely simple bets, players may not need to understand the rules of the game to still participate in this form of betting. Hi88 is a name that receives a lot of attention and trust from a large number of players, please join us in betting.

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