Rules of Sam Dai Chien Dai Thang Game at New88 2024

Rules of ginseng game It is certainly no longer strange knowledge for those with many years of experience playing cards in the market. The card game is considered to have quite simple rules and is suitable for all members who want to participate in the experience. Follow New88 today to learn in detail about this unique game right away.

An overview of the super product ginseng at New88

The system will use a 52-card deck of playing cards to distribute to participants. Some bettors believe that this masterpiece has many similarities with the extremely famous southern game Tien Len.

At the present time, as soon as it develops on the online entertainment platform, the card game Sam Loc becomes more popular and familiar than ever. This is also the reason for the phrase ginseng game rules always on top trending.

Overview of ginseng game at New88 2024 address

Share detailed rules of ginseng at New88 unit

Each game, the system will allow 2 to 4 players to participate and compete together. All members will receive a total of 10 cards face down. In the first game, the player who owns the card with the lowest value will receive the right to deal first.

CPopular card combinations in Sam Loc

As mentioned above ginseng game rules will have some features quite similar to TLMN. Below are some combinations that you can build yourself in any game.

  • Junk: Includes isolated cards that members cannot use to connect with other combinations.
  • Pair: A term used to refer to the fact that brothers have two cards in common part number.
  • Sam: Includes three pieces of different suits but with similar numbers.
  • Four of a Kind: The player owns four cards with the same number and different suits.
  • Lobby: You need to hold at least three cards with consecutive numerical values ​​in your hand to create this combination.

What are the special cases in the ginseng game rules?

For lucky members who hold some of the following combinations, you will certainly receive countless special benefits:

  • Dragon Hall: All 10 cards you own form a complete set of halls, which will be collectively called the Dragon Hall. At this point, the system will immediately consider you a winner without having to play any cards.
  • Four quarters 2 is known as the combination with the greatest value ginseng game rules.
  • If a player holds all 10 cards of the same suit, the system will win white.
  • Besides, 3 combos and 5 duos will also help you receive this privilege.
  • Ask the village: After the system has successfully dealt the cards, if you want to exercise the right to steal, you will ask the village. Next, all opponents sitting in front need to use the card combinations with the highest value for the purpose of blocking. In case of unsuccessful blocking, the person sitting in front must pay a huge amount of money.

Detailed instructions on the rules of the classic ginseng game are only available at New88

Pocket the experience of playing gin cyclone and win all the time

To be able to limit all the mistakes you will make in this classic card game, you should not ignore the important information below.

Limit to rot 2 in all cases

Inginseng game rules 2 is a card of great value and brings many benefits to the owner. In addition, with this game, all 2 cards will have the same value. However, to limit rot, you are forced to come up with extremely skillful ways to handle every situation.

Experts say that members should not play this special card too early. You should only downplay situations that block your opponent to prevent them from finishing first.
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You should only participate in moderation

You need to remember one thing that the longer you participate in betting, the easier it will be for you to make wrong judgments. So when you feel tired, players need to stop and rest immediately.

Besides, knowing your own financial limits is also extremely important. Players can divide their capital into small pieces so they can go long distances and accumulate valuable experience.

Memorize the experiences and strategies from the ginseng game rules


Through this article, you will surely understand all the information about ginseng game rules tornado at New88. In case you still have any questions, please quickly contact customer service through many methods for immediate support.

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