Tips from Experts on How to Play Monopoly for Beginners

How to play billionaire card game is the information that is most interested in by those who are just joining the game for the first time. Search for good strategies and winning opportunities shared by experts through articles by goal123 The following.

Basic introduction to the billionaire card

Before updating how to play billionaire cards, players need to understand more initial information about the game. The game is known as a board game genre played on a square chessboard divided into small cells. Players will roll the dice and go to the squares on the board to make decisions with the goal of bringing back as much property as possible.

This exciting form of play has been around since 1934, created by Charles B. Darrow and introduced to players through the Parker Bros. brand. After that, this company popularized the game throughout Western countries. Currently, the billionaire card is available in many countries with different versions.

In particular, the game has also been programmed by online game publishers to simulate the chessboard. Therefore, you can compete with many other people right at home via your phone or computer.

How to play billionaire card game starts from the basic rules

Although it is considered an accessible game, if you do not start from the basic rules, you cannot have a high chance of winning. So right from the start, learn about the rules of the game:

Learn about play equipment

To start playing billionaire card game, you will need the following tools:

  • Dice: 1 to 2 pieces.
  • A specially designed chess board with many small squares.
  • An object moves on the board.
  • Symbolic real estate such as hotels, resorts…
  • Cards of opportunity and luck.
  • Capital for investment.
  • Tray.

Basic billionaire card game rules

A billionaire card game will take place with a minimum of 2 participants. The person who starts the game will be chosen at random. The game will take place with each person at the table taking turns rolling the dice. The number of spaces the player can move will be displayed right on the dice.

When the move is over, the player will need to perform actions displayed on the betting table such as buying a house, paying taxes, buying land, going to prison… According to the billionaire card game, winning and losing will be determined in each case. :

  • There is 1 person left on the betting table who has not gone bankrupt.
  • On the same edge of the square one completes the purchase of the entire city.
  • 5 resorts belong to one person.
  • Own 2 property cells on each side of the square.
  • The rounds are over but the above cases have not happened. In this situation, the person who owns more money will win.

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How to play billionaire card game in one round?

Players can certainly understand more about this fascinating game through the brief rules above. However, you need to know how a game will be played in order to quickly experience:

Step 1: Choose an object/animal/person that represents yourself

When entering the game board, all players present will have to choose any object, animal or person to represent on the board. To increase the appeal of the online version, the programmers also added more skills to the character.

Step 2: Set up banking

This step is only done when participating in offline play, but when participating online, the system will do the task. Accordingly, the bank will need to manage money and assets for players and collect taxes, fines, debt, and interest. Each player will be given an initial amount of capital by the bank.

Step 3: Find someone to start playing

All people at the table will have equal rights when they are drawn to choose who goes first. Depending on each table, the rules for this draw will be different, so you should discuss it in advance. After the drawing process, the starter will roll the dice and move his or her objects.

Step 4: Move to cells

In playing Monopoly, the player will make moves on the board with a number of moves equal to the total score of the two dice. Wherever you stop, you will make the corresponding decisions in that box. If you roll 2 dice with the same score, you will get an extra turn.

In case, 2 dice equal the score 3 times, the player will have to go to jail. Your turn ends when the next person will roll the dice and move.

Step 5: End the game

The game will end if the above mentioned cases fall into place. The player who wins last will receive money from the remaining losers. Meanwhile, the loser is declared bankrupt and assets must be sold for cash to pay the winner.

How to play billionaire card game The details shared from the goal123 bookmaker expert above will definitely help you have a favorable game. Please refer and experience to get great entertainment opportunities and go to victory.

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