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WEGO’s IV Tubing Set: Delivering Reliable Medication Administration

The disposable IV tubing set is a critical component in the healthcare industry, designed specifically for the precise administration of medication into subcutaneous tissue. This type of syringe is commonly utilized for drugs that require slow absorption or those intended for subcutaneous administration. WEGO, a renowned manufacturer in the field, has been producing its highly accomplished disposable syringe since 1988. With a commitment to quality and innovation, WEGO offers a comprehensive range of advanced syringe products, including their reliable IV tubing set.

A Comprehensive Line of Advanced Syringe Products

WEGO’s disposable syringe line is renowned for its versatility and comprehensive range of options. With various combinations available, healthcare professionals have the flexibility to choose the syringe that best suits their specific needs. Whether it’s the luer slip, luer lock, or catheter tip configuration, WEGO ensures compatibility with different medical procedures and settings. This extensive product line enables healthcare providers to administer medication with precision and ease.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control

WEGO has invested significantly in its manufacturing infrastructure to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. With over 200 sets of injection molding machines, 25 sets of full-automation assembling machines, and 20 sets of twenty cube ethylene oxide sterilization containers dedicated to vaccine syringe production lines, WEGO demonstrates its commitment to efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the company maintains rigorous quality control measures throughout its production lines, ensuring that each syringe meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

WEGO places great importance on compliance and holds several certifications, including FDA 510K, CE marks, ISO9001, and ISO13485. These certifications validate WEGO’s commitment to manufacturing products that adhere to international quality standards and meet the stringent regulatory requirements of different regions. By adhering to these standards, WEGO ensures that healthcare professionals can confidently rely on their IV tubing sets to deliver medication accurately, enhancing patient care and safety.


WEGO’s IV tubing sets have established themselves as a reliable solution for medication administration into subcutaneous tissue. With their comprehensive range of options, advanced manufacturing processes, and strict quality control measures, WEGO ensures that healthcare professionals have access to high-quality syringe products. By choosing WEGO’s IV tubing set, healthcare providers can administer medication with precision, contributing to improved patient outcomes and enhanced overall healthcare delivery.

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