What Do You Know About the Japanese Board Game Shogi?

 Japanese Shogi flag  known as a relatively popular entertainment game. This game is also known as Chinese chess. This is a type of entertainment that helps players practice mentally and intellectually. Many people believe that the Japanese people became as quick and intelligent as they are today thanks to this type of flag. So what is the truth? We invite you to read along dealer New88today Find out!

Introducing Shogi Chess

Shogi in Japanese means “Chinese Chess” or “Chinese Chess”, similar to Chinese chess and Chinese chess. Origin of the game Japanese Shogi flag  The Indian word Saturanga appeared in the 5th century.

This Shogi game operates similarly to chess, but there are slight changes in the rules. For example, captured pieces can be returned as the piece of the person who captured it. There is also a rule of dropping pieces, making the game much more interesting and unique.

According to statistics and research in the book Nichireki, Japanese Shogi flag was officially born around the 12th century. However, at that time, the gameplay was still simple and the Dropping Rule was not applied. It was not until the 16th century that the above law began to be officially implemented. The goal of this type is similar to chess, that is, the player who captures the opponent’s King will win.

Learn Details About Chess Board With Shogi Chess Pieces

Together new88 Go find out detailed information related to Japanese Shogi flag for a more general overview. Specifically:

Shogi Chess Board

Shogi chess board is designed of wood in arbitrary rectangular or square shape, divided in size 9 x 9. Similar to chess, the cells in the chess board will not be clearly distinguished by color.

Shogi Chess Pieces

Shogi chess pieces are designed in a pentagonal style similar to a wedge shape, with equal sizes. When first entering the game, each player will own 20 chess pieces with positions such as:

  • King: 1 piece.
  • Rook: 1 piece.
  • Bishop: 1 piece.
  • Golden General: 2 pieces.
  • Silver General: 2 pieces.
  • Code: 2 pieces.
  • Far away: 2 pieces.
  • Pawn: 9 pieces.

Basically, the chess pieces on both sides of the player are designed to be the same in both size and shape. Therefore, you need to consider the direction of the chess pieces to be able to distinguish the chess pieces on each side.

Specifically on how to capture pieces in Shogi chess

Learn in detail how to capture chess pieces so that you won’t be surprised when participating. Specifically:

  • King: This piece can move in any direction to capture any 1 square.
  • Golden General: Cannot be promoted, cannot move 2 diagonal moves back, the rest can move 1 cell in all directions.
  • Silver General: There are 5 ways to move in total, including 1 box moving forward along with 1 box following 4 diagonal lines. When leveled up, you can move like a Golden General.
  • Bishop: After being promoted, the bishop can move like a Bishop or like a King, but before that it could only move in 4 diagonal lines at will.
  • Rook: As long as it is not blocked, this piece can move horizontally or vertically at will, and can even move like a Rook or King after being promoted.
  • Knight: Can move in an L shape like the Knight in chess, however there are only 2 ways to move and can jump over other pieces.
  • Huong Sa: When leveled up, you will be able to move like a Golden General, but before that you can only run in a forward direction.
  • Good: Can only move straight forward 1 cell, can move like a Golden General when successfully promoted.

How to Play Japanese Shogi Standard Japanese Style

Details on how to play Japanese ShogiYou can find out below:

How to Get Around

Basically, each chess piece can move in 4 basic ways: advance, take, shoot, and capture. How each chess piece moves has been shared specifically in the section above. First, you definitely need to clearly remember the steps of the chess pieces.

Tien Co

In general, you can use any chess piece to move forward. There are pieces that you can move many moves and jump over other pieces. However, in Japanese Shogi flag  There will be pieces that are not allowed to move back, but can only move forward.

Eat Chess

You will be able to capture the opponent’s flag in case their flag is located right at the position you are about to move to. You will then place your flag right on the box you just captured.

Release the Army

In terminology, when you use your opponent’s captured pieces, it is called “releasing pieces”. The rules of Japanese Shogi chess stipulate that pieces are technically captured, but you can also drop them back onto the board as the piece of the person who captured it.

Instead of moving on with the pieces, when it’s your turn to play, you can also choose a piece that was captured before and then place it in any empty box on the table. However, note that troops can only be dropped into empty cells in an unpromoted form.


If everyone clearly understands the rules and how to play Japanese Shogi flag in the article above. Quickly experience the chess game now home page new88 This is so fascinating!

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