What is First Serve Betting? Answers and Learn How to Bet

What is the first serve bet? The first time you come into contact with the name of this form, bettors will certainly have concerns because they do not know how to play. Therefore, do not ignore the knowledge in the information section after the word New88 new to understand clearly.

Find out what the first serve bet is?

It is not difficult to guess how to play the first serve or kick off bet through the name. Choosing this form of bet you need to predict which team will be lucky enough to be given the right to play the ball first by the referee in the match.

When choosing a bet, your chance of winning is 50% because you only need to choose one of two doors to bet. However, predicting correctly to “win” the house’s prize is not easy. This form of betting is quite risky because no one can predict which side the coin in the referee’s hand will show.

Despite its special nature, kick off still appears on online betting platforms and is well received by many people. When you have a headache analyzing too much information to place a bet, a little luck with kick off at the beginning of the match will make the game more interesting.

Understand the nature of betting through advantages and disadvantages

It is not difficult to understand what a first serve bet is just by looking at the name, but newcomers still need to understand the nature of this type of play. With the advantages and disadvantages of kick off, read and decide on the correct bet option:

What are the advantages of serving first?

Kick off is still an interesting bet that you should try to make your betting experience more complete because of the following advantages:

  • Simplicity is the first plus point of betting when just by looking at a name you understand how to play. Therefore, even new players do not waste time learning.
  • The winning rate is quite high because there are only 2 options, the probability of winning is 50%.
  • The betting results will not need to be based on any parameters given by the house.
  • All information related to the current and past performance and capabilities of the two teams affects the actual results. Players can place bets without wasting time synthesizing and analyzing data.
  • For veteran bettors who want to try their luck, kick off is a great choice.

Limitations of first serve betting

New bettors also need to note the following limitations before placing money:

  • Understanding what the first serve bet is, you can also know the risk factor when betting. The element of surprise in the match is very high, so if you have low capital, consider it.
  • With kick off, it won’t take you too long to know the result when any match starts with the referee’s coin toss. However, you cannot play to increase your account.

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The knowledge about serve before player betting needs attention

Even though you understand the advantages and disadvantages of first serve bets, this is definitely an interesting form of betting that you should try to explore. To easily play with this bet, the following knowledge is essential dealer New88 learn about:

What is the first serve bet on the online platform?

If you want to understand information about kick off bets, you will have to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Odds information: Kick off/ Team serves first.
  • Names of two teams: The names of two teams will be recorded equally, from left to right, the team recorded first will play at home, the remaining team will travel as away players. Similar to other bets, there will be an additional N symbol if playing on a neutral field.
  • Bonus odds: The parameters right below the team name will be used to calculate the bonus for the corresponding door.

What is the formula for calculating first serve bets?

There are only 2 main bets, so just predict the correct team to start serving first and you can receive a big reward. The formula for calculating this bet is as follows:

  • Winnings when predicting correctly = Capital x Odds of winning.
  • Money lost when prediction is wrong = Initial capital.

Understand what the first serve bet is through specific examples

It is not difficult for you to understand the nature of the first serve bet, but to be ready for the game, you need to apply knowledge through specific examples:

Betting information in the match between Maritimo vs CF Estrela da Amadora and players should pay attention to the following information:

  • Betting information: Team serves first.
  • Names of competing teams: From left to right Maritimo is the home team and CF Estrela da Amadora plays away.
  • Bonus odds: Correctly predicting Maritimo or CF Estrela da Amadora bets will have winning odds of 2.87 or 3.05.

If you believe that the home team has the right to serve the ball first and bet 100,000 VND, there will be the following cases:

  • The home team serves the ball first and the winning bet is: 100,000 x 2.87 = 287,000 VND.
  • The away team starts the game with a defensive bet = 100,000 VND.


What is the first serve bet? New88 shared in the information section above. Once you grasp the basic knowledge, applying it will be much simpler. Learn a few more experiences to get into the game.

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