What is trick cockfighting? Cockfighting tricks you should know

Cockfighting is one of the folk games that has been around for a long time and is popular with many players. However, in bustling cockfighting arenas, we always encounter tricks and tricks cockfighting trick from the fighters. To learn more about these cheating tricks, 789BET invites you to read the article below:

What is trick cockfighting?

Cockfighting trick is a phrase that refers to the tricks and tactics of players to change the results of cockfighting matches for personal gain. Nowadays, cockfighting is especially popular, there are even people who spend large amounts of money to participate in this game. Therefore, many people are greedy and want to hold the largest amount of money, so they use deception and deception.

Depending on the size of the cockfighting ring, the tricks will be different. The bigger the bookies are, but the less reputable they are, the more sophisticated their scams become. This situation is happening regularly everywhere. If the player is not alert enough, it will be difficult to recognize these tricks.

Cockfighting tricks are often used in bookmakers

Online cockfighting bookmakers appear everywhere and not all bookmakers are reputable. To avoid being tricked right in front of you, players must be very alert. Below are some tricks that bookmakers often use.

Use anti-aging medicine

This is a drug that affects chickens. This drug makes one of the two chickens unable to fight at their best in the match. After the betting odds are presented, the house will consider 1 of the 2 numbers, whichever one loses brings the larger profit, will use the medicine. This medicine will adjust the results to the exact results the house wants. Commonly used drugs: Anesthetics, rat poison,…

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Using Doping for chickens

You probably already know what doping is? Not only used for humans, Doping is also used by trick cock players to increase the excitement of cocks preparing to compete. Of course, if a cock is found to be using Doping, he or she will be banned from competing. But testing chickens for Doping is difficult because its cost is quite high.

What is trick cockfighting? Cockfighting tricks you should know

Set the score

The fighting cocks will be arranged by the house so that at first they look weaker to deceive the players. Or when the chickens are fighting with a fiery spirit, the dealer will arrange a break between rounds, then use medicine to weaken the chickens.

How to avoid cockfighting tricks

It can be seen that scams are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. Therefore, to ensure your rights, use some of the tips below:

  • Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on: Whether in live or online cockfighting, tricks from the bookmaker are inevitable. Therefore, choose the most reputable bookmakers to participate, absolutely do not choose small, mixed bookmakers online.
  • Observe alertly and keep a clear mind: Follow every move and every move of the two chickens on the ring to detect tricks. If you detect an abnormality, stop betting immediately and see if the house you are playing with is reputable. Don’t let losing so many times make you lose your reason. Getting caught up in the mentality of having to fix it will cause you to lose more money.

789bet has sent you the most commonly used cockfighting scams today. Be alert to play safely. You can also participate in cockfighting at the bookmaker 789bet To ensure the best reputation.

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