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Winline Technology: A Pioneer in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions


In the rapidly evolving landscape of renewable energy and EV infrastructure, Winline Technology Co., Ltd., stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a steadfast commitment to advancing the adoption of clean energy technologies, Winline has emerged as a trusted leader in the industry.

Empowering the EV Charging Ecosystem

Winline Technology leads the charge in improving the EV charging ecosystem, providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations worldwide. As one of the foremost EV charger manufacturers, Winline’s products are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and performance.

Innovation at the Core

At the heart of Winline Technology’s success lies its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. With a dedicated team of over 400 professionals, including nearly 200 expert engineers, Winline has achieved remarkable milestones in research and development. The company’s portfolio boasts over 130 invention patents and 17 PCT international patents, showcasing its prowess in driving technological advancements.

Shaping Global Standards

Winline Technology is not only a pioneer in product development but also actively contributes to the standardization of EV charging technologies on a national and international level. As a contributing member of national standardization efforts in China and a participant in the formulation of high-power DC fast charging standards, Winline is shaping the future of EV infrastructure.

Certified Excellence

Winline’s commitment to quality and reliability is underscored by its certifications, including CE, cTUVus, TR25, ADQCC, and CGC. These certifications ensure that Winline’s products meet global standards and regulations, earning the trust and recognition of clients worldwide.


In conclusion, Winline Technology Co., Ltd., stands as a EV charger manufacturers in the electric vehicle charging sector. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, Winline is driving towards a greener, more sustainable future for transportation and energy. With a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future, Winline continues to lead the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

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