Innovation Redefined: Office False Ceiling Material Selection

Do you want to build your own office? Great! Well, what are your plans regarding office false ceiling design? A false ceiling affects the beauty of the overall look of the workplace. Hence, it is vital to select the best materials. Since this process requires you to spend a large sum, be careful and selective when looking for the materials. What are you thinking- How do you select the best materials? No worries! You have to do only one thing. Read the entire article till the end. This article will discuss everything you should know about false ceilings in working spaces.

What is the role of false ceilings in a working space?

Never ignore the role of a false ceiling in your office. To get the answer, take a situation. Suppose you have a meeting with a top MNC. When they come to your office, will you want them to look at the hanging wires? No- Right? If you keep the setup as it is and the clients see the wires hanging, it will look cheap. But if you’re wise to spend on false ceilings, you are making the right decision. It will hide the hanging wires. Not only does it improve the beauty of the workplace by hiding wires, but it also enhances insulation.

What are some common false ceiling materials? 

Some common false ceiling materials are:

  • Metal
  • Mineral Fiber
  • Gypsum

Why Metal?

  • Made of steel or aluminium, metal false ceilings give a classy and modern look.
  • They are moisture-resistant, simple to care for, and last longer.
  • Ability to go well with various designs.

Why Mineral Fiber? 

  • It leads to less noise in the workspace.
  • It has various textures and designs. Thus, one can go through the designs and select the one they like the most.

Why Gypsum?

  • Several owners go for gypsum as it is not very costly.
  • It is easy to set up
  • One can form it such that you will get a design and shape as you want.
  • There are fewer chances of it catching fire.

Tips to choose the best materials:

Since the ceiling affects the overall look of your workspace, be wise when choosing it:

  • Colour– Note that all this you are doing for an office setup. Thus, select a colour that will define the purpose.
  • Shape and pattern– Some shapes and patterns improve the overall look. So, choose materials in such ways that when you try out some shapes and patterns, it looks good.
  • Long-lasting– There is no doubt that false ceilings are vital in an office setup. But does that mean that you keep changing it very often? No- Right? After all, if you keep on altering them very often, it will take a lot of time and money. Thus, choose one that lasts long.
  • Easy to clean– If you do not want to keep your office dirty, you must tidy that daily. But some materials are such that if you do it regularly, it will make you feel tired. But that does not mean that you stop cleaning. Thus, choose materials that everyone feels are easy to tidy. As such, it will fulfil your purpose, and a person will not feel tired.
  • Less noise– If there is too much noise in an office, the workers will be unable to work. Thus, first, look at your office space and the number of workers in your office. Once done, choose materials with sound-absorbing features, like acoustic panels or tiles. The result? Workers will get less noise and feel comfier in such a work environment.
  • Sound reflection– Suppose you have to talk to your workers. Will you yell and shout at the top of your voice so that all workers can hear it? No- Right? Hence, choose materials with sound reflection features. Well, reflective materials will help you in it.
  • Less risk of catching fire– Some materials catch fire very fast. Thus, select a material that has less risk of catching fire fast. Your chosen false ceiling material must meet the fire safety laws. It is the most vital step when looking for materials for your office’s false ceiling. After all, a company owner must look after the safety of the workers.
  • Light spreading– Before going deeper into it, say something- If you see the lights spread unevenly, will it look good? No- Right? Thus, check how different materials react to light. After that, choose the one that spreads light equally in the entire space.
  • Moisture and temperature of the place– If your office is in an area that has a hot and damp climate, look for materials that can stay strong in all the weather. For example, some materials stop performing well and as expected if the weather changes suddenly. Your chosen materials should be such that they can tolerate all the weather conditions. If not, it will lead to problems such as mould growth.
  • Cost– After you’ve chosen the material for your false ceiling, do market research and search for its actual cost. After that, calculate the cost of fixing it and the total price you should spend. It is a vital step since there is no use fixing it if you find that it does not fit within your budget.
  • Eco-friendly– You will surely choose eco-friendly ones if you think about them deeply and come to know of their merits. At first, it will not harm the environment. So, you may call it a first step toward a “healthier” planet. In addition, clients love to do business with those who think about it. So- What do you say? Isn’t this an investment?


A false ceiling helps improve the entire look of the office by hiding hanging wires. The colour of the material should be such that it defines the purpose. The material should be such that when you try some patterns and designs, it looks good. It should last long and should be easy to clean. Also, take care of the noise and sound reflection in your office. The material should not be such that it catches fire fast, but it should spread light evenly. Look at the weather, assess cost, and buy eco-friendly goods. For those looking for wall ceiling design for office, check out Officebanao, one of the leading interior design firms for offices.

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